(Night Of The Living is a) FRINGE FESTIVAL FAVORITE ... a comic horror love story that goes unusually deep, juxtaposing marital disaster with societal nightmare."


The New York Times

Laura Collins-Hughes


clever central conceit... a high-concept horror-thriller... Caplis has impressive moments in a hugely demanding role."

Time Out New York

Adam Feldman

totally unique…something you have never seen before…really smart and very cool to watch... The performance by Belle Caplis is so strong, in the post apocalypse side of the story. She carries this show, and you are just rapt! And really feeling the sorrow and the trauma of what someone would feel in this situation."




The majority of these scenes play out with Caplis onstage alone, interacting with Marshall via walkie-talkie. They joke, seduce, and fight with the closeness and affection you expect from a couple that has been through major trauma. Caplis does most of the heavy lifting in these scenes with a wonderful grounded presence, and the moments we see her reacting without pushing the TALK button on her walkie create a lovely intimacy between her and the audience. "

NY Theatre Now

Liz Richards

enormously well-constructed play... a wonderfully jarring confluence of separation and intimacy... Well acted, well directed, Night of the Living is a must see….Instead of gory, brain-eating monsters we’re instead treated to some phenomenally acted relationship drama between Mia (an exceptionally gifted Belle Caplis) and Marshall (an unusually absent Eric Kuehnemann).


Intriguingly, Caplis spends a good deal of time alone in some compelling moments that would have been tedious with a less accomplished actor—Kuehnemann somewhere else in the building on the other end of walkie-talkie."

Theatre is Easy

Keith Paul Medelis

Mia circles through the many emotions one might expect of a wife and mother at the height of a zombie apocalypse. She rages at her husband one minute, and then flirts with him through a walkie-talkie the next, and Caplis shows all of these emotions with convincing determination and versatility. Marshall’s best moments occur when he’s out of the room and we imagine him trapped in a neighboring building. This is when the couple’s most loving moments are revealed, and Kuehnemann adds an intimacy to their walkie-talkie conversations."


Michele Debella

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Night of the Living






The New York International Fringe Festival

Balm In Gilead


7 New York Innovative Theatre Award nominations, including Outstanding Actress (Belle Caplis), Ensemble and Production!



Outstanding Production of a Play

Unexpected Company



Best Lead Actress

& Best New Play


The Strawberry Festival NYC

Garden Of Delights

3 New York Innovative

Theate Award nominations

including Outstanding Premier Production of a Play

Belle Caplis and Jill Bianchini named number 3 in Show Business Magazine's TOP 11 NY PERFORMANCES IN 2010-2011, (just under Mark Rylance in Jerusalem), for their scene in Balm In Gilead.

Show Business Magazine

(Belle Caplis) was marvelous! The way she attacked it."

Lanford Wilson

playwright, Balm In Gilead

Belle Caplis is uncanny playing fresh-off-the-bus newcomer Darlene."


There’s not a richer or more rewarding work of theatre anywhere in town right now.  … Belle Caplis gets Darlene's essential guileless dumbness exactly right."

NY Theatre Now (formerly NYTheatre.com)

Director Peter Jensen has orchestrated a raucous symphony of a play that draws a capacity crowd to its feet."


Kate Shea Kenon

An entire cast of strong and very distinct characters, all played with eloquence."


I’ve never seen anything like Balm in Gilead before, in which a large cast is so well orchestrated to create a fully living theatrical piece in front of me.  …The large cast and quality design create something that is truly special and unique to the New York theater scene …Go see it!"

Theatre Is Easy

The show is a visceral experience – astonishing in every detail and desperately authentic.  ….at the top of Act 2 in a 20 minute monologue that didn’t bypass an unexpressed thought, Darlene (Caplis) narrates a time from her life in Chicago that isn’t something she has the choice to go back to."

The Happiest Medium

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"When Teloc and Miharca reenter Lais life fireworks of perversion and insidious love fill the stage with blood and electric loathing. Belle Caplis shines as a woman seeking both revenge and love in the moment. Hard to watch without feeling simultaneous pity and disgust. a great scene worth waiting for. "

NY Theatre Wire

Larry Litt

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